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Health Testing & Lifestyle Prescription

Being the eternal student, I have started a PhD in Lifestyle Prescription! This is partly to help reduce the load on my Rheumatoid Arthritic body, but also inspired by my journey into understanding why RA happened to me and how I can manage it, plus as part of my m research for my new book!

As with everything at Symbiosis, this is an outcome based, high level service designed to help you to understand your body and improve how you feel.

You can book a free 30 minute consultation to help you to decide on the best programme for you, but essentially there are 4 levels.

  1. Basic: Testing through Muhdo. Order a test kit and get a report from Muhdo that will detail your DNA, Epigenetics and biological Age.

  2. Standard: Testing, full consultation and bespoke lifestyle manual. Order your test above and sit down with me for a 1 hour consultation where we will build a tailored programme for you to follow.

  3. Enhanced: Testing, full consultation and bespoke 3 session lifestyle coaching service helping you to build new habits and fully support your 3 month journey.

  4. Advanced: As we go forward these will also be included in other subscription or pay up front long programmes (Horse Rider Performance or Reconnect, Injury & Trauma Rehabilitation and Autoimmune Support).

Please visit our new Symbiosis Lifestyle page for more information.

You can buy your kit here: use code SYMBIO.

More information about Muhdo can be found here:

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