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Rider Support Services


For you, for your horse

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Biomechanics is the foundation of good technique in any sport. Equestrian sports are no exception, and it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of how the rider and horse’s body mechanics work together to achieve optimal performance. As a coach at Symbiosis Rider Rehabilitation & Fitness, I apply my knowledge and expertise to help riders improve their skills and technique. With my background in human movement and equine science, I bring a unique perspective to coaching equestrian sports. Whether you need help with your posture or want to refine your riding technique, I am here to help.


Reanne currently works from Racewood HQ in Eaton, Cheshire with the Eventer Simulator and delivers bodywork and dismounted assessments at Instinct Gym in Tarporley. There is a plan to establish a mobile clinic in 2024. Personal Training can be delivered at a location of your choice. Click on the photos to book or use yhr book here butt0n.

Eventer Simulator @ Racewood

State of the art technology, the eventer simulates

  • Showjumping

  • Cross Country Jumping

  • 3 paces in collection, medium and extended

  • Lateral work

  • Pirouettes

He has a screen displaying live balance/movement visuals and before/after feedback programmes.

1hr Rider Alignment £65 - Alignment/Posture, 'have a go'

2hr Rider Biomechanics £100 - Dismounted & mounted Biomechanics - Rehab, performance

Coaching on own horse

Reanne will come to your yard and teach 1 hour lessons. Private or semi-private sessions. 30p per mile charge if you are more than 10 miles from Tattenhall. Message to book.

Private £55

Semi Private £35 each

Mobile Simulator (coming soon)

New in 2024 - Rocky will have his very own transport allowing us to travel to provide clinics at your location or to support other coaches through the provision of a simulator for their clinics/camps.

Services - Dismounted

Before we can improve in the saddle we have to understand and improve out of the saddle. We ride what we live as activities of daily life shape our bodies through habitual movements and postures at work, rest and play.


Dismounted Movement Assessments

Learn about your body, find out where you carry imbalances and get bespoke coaching to help you to improve your movement.

  • Squat assessments

  • Intrinsic Biomechanics assessments

  • Orthopaedic tests

  • Visual and vestibular assessments

1 hour initial assessment with bespoke exercise programme £60

6 week package to support you in your movement journey £300

Rider Fitness & Movement Classes

Group classes at various locations designed with the rider in mind. We focus on improving your movement and fitness so that you can be the very best for your horse. Fun, educational and effective. £10pp per class, maximum of 10 people so you get the support you deserve.

Pilates Work Out

Rider Fitness Training

1-2-1 or semiprivate coaching sessions. 12 week programme available for anyone with specific goals. Rider movement specialist. I can come to you or I can book facilities as required.

£55ph or £35pp for semi private sessions.

Services - Hands On & Workshops

Hands on intervention is often needed to help calm and remodel our nervous system so that you can begin your movement improvement journey. Sometimes, that journey begins with hearing a new idea. Below are our therapeutic support options and details of the dismounted workshops we can run for you.


Rehabilitation & Performance Packages

Combine dismounted and mounted coaching with bespoke bodywork. £180 for 4 hour initial assessments, £150 for subsequent 3 hr sessions (currently split over 2 sessions at 2 locations).

Remedial Bodywork

Clinical Massage or Assisted Stretching - Bodywork can be the intervention that gets your journey off to the best start possible. Using the Jing Method, Reanne specialises in helping you to reduce pain and improve range of movement using techniques such as myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and an awful lot of exercise coaching using Intrinsic Biomechanics based exercises.

Leg Injury

Workshops & Talks for your event

Reanne offers dismounted, mechanical horse or own horse based biomechanics talks, workshops and clinics. Learn about your body and tailored exercises to help you move more, move better and ride better.

mechanical horse cheshire

Symbiotic Seat Clinics

Reanne runs 6 x Rider Performance Day Clinics each year from Racewood or in her mobile studio. This includes workshops on movement, body awareness, exercise and 30 minutes each on Rocky. 6 people per clinic, 6hrs of training £90pp

'England's past has been borne on his back...'

 by Ronald Duncan

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