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Symbiosis Rider Rehabilitation




For you, for your horse

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Symbiosis offers a range of treatments and biomechanics coaching options aimed at improving rider posture and effectiveness alongside reducing pain or discomfort experienced whist riding, delivered by a Biomechanics Coach and Performance Mindset Coach working towards accreditation through Ride With Your Mind.


These rider specific services can be bought on a PAYG basis or as 12 month courses with pay upfront or pay monthly options.

We also provide both formal training and fun clinics to share with others.

So what is biomechanics?

“In essence, understanding biomechanics and applying it is the foundation for good technique in all sports”

Coaches in many other sports already apply this science in the improvement of athlete performance and equestrians are just catching up!

Reanne has a degree in Remedial Clinical Massage, BTEC4 in Intrinsic Biomechanics and is a L3 Personal Trainer with Remedial Exercise. She is also a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist with a HND in Equine Science which helps guide her coaching for the good of the horse. 

Mechanical Horse at Kelsall Hill


A 2hr combination of simulator based coaching and prescriptive exercise to help you do your best by your horse, improving the welfare of you both.

Whether you are a beginner looking for the best start to your riding journey, or competing regularly wanting to get that extra level of performance, working on your biomechanics is a vital element in your support construct. It can help ease discomfort in the saddle and improve confidence by making you more stable and effective, using physics to ensure you are using your body optimally.

Best of all you will be reducing the stress you place on your horses body, so improving their wellbeing at the same time.

We also use these sessions to explore your Performance Mindset, from fear to optimising your competitive edge.

We always start this journey using Rocky, the best behaved horse I know! It is recommended that you bring your own saddle (if you have one; if not I have options in clinic), a pair of trainers and your usual riding gear.

Our unique package for rider performance allows you to combine these two amazing services here onsite, in a 3 hour package, and save money in doing so!

Even better, if you buy a 12 month course which includes the following:

6 x 2 hr Appointments (one every 2 months)

12 months of online support membership

PAYG £80

Pay Upfront £750

Pay Monthly 12 x £75

Rider Rehabilitation


If you have suffered an injury or had surgery, or simply have pain in or out of the saddle, we can help you get back in the saddle and future proof your body.

Using exercises on and off the mechanical horse combined with biomechanics assessments and coaching, plus bespoke bodywork (massage and assisted stretching) in communication with any specialists involved in your treatment, we get you back in the saddle faster, stronger and with more confidence. Great for improving strength, balance and coordination in a riding specific programme.

We also include mindset exercises and goal setting so that you can measure your progress.

This is a 3-4 hour package, and we do have a 12 month course, front-loaded with 6 of these face to face appointments in the first 6 months, with a further 6 months of online support to ensure you are fully supported in your recovery.

PAYG £150-200

Pay Upfront £950

Pay Monthly 12 x £95

Bring your own saddle, riding gear and trainers to these appointments for optimising your time in clinic.

Rider Fitness Classes


Movement Masterclass

12 Week Course to make you more body and movement aware, helping you get more movement in your normal day, more symmetry in your movement and reduce activities that habitually shape your body. We also include exercises that you can repeat at home to improve balance, proprioception, coordination, strength and cardio fitness.


New course intake every quarter

Rider Conditioning Circuits

Every Saturday at 9am (we will add evening classes if the demand is there)

£10 per class or buy 6 for £50. Maximum 6 people per class.


Rider Rehabilitation Supported Exercise Classes

If you are struggling to do your rehab then this one is for you. Reanne will coach you and help you to understand the objectives and form required. She can also regress and progress your exercises or even prescribe new ones.

1hr, maximum of 6 people, £15 or buy 6 for £80.



mechanical horse cheshire


Reanne runs 6 x Rider Performance Day Clinics each year from her studio at Kelsall Hill. This iscludes workshops on movement, body awareness, exercise and 30 minutes each on Rocky. 6 people per clinic, 6hrs of training £90pp


Why not augment your event or book Reanne to run a bespoke event for your yard or group? Bespoke training available. Please note, Rocky (the mechanical horse) is not yet mobile.

Emma Stamenkovic Equi Dynamics

Emma Stamenkovic @ EquiDynamics

Emma runs monthly or twice monthly clinics using Rocky at Symbiosis, usually on Sundays but occasionally in the week too.

She is an online coach and live riding coach, covering an area extending from Sheffield to Kelsall, as far south as Stafford and as far north as Macclesfield. She also runs mechanical horse clinics in Ripley, Derbyshire. She uses techniques from Equi-Pilates, Personal Training, and Franklin Method.

Emma Malone Equestrian

Emma Malone Equestrian

Emma is a fully qualified Ride With Your Mind coach. She also offers Franklin Method and Equi-Pilates, alongside Rosten Method tissue release, and live riding coaching. She is based at Rocking Horse in Cheshire and uses Rocky for once a month clinics on a Sunday and 1-2-1 coaching on a Tuesday.

'England's past has been borne on his back...'

 by Ronald Duncan

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