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Owner and  Therapist

BTEC L6 Jing Method Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist & Sports Massage Therapist

HND Equine Science

L5 Leadership & Management

L4 Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach

L3 Training & Coaching

L3 GP Exercise Referral

Dip Equine Sports Massage

Dip Holistic Therapies

Centre 10 Certificate in Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches

RWYM Coach in Training

I started this company to improve the wellbeing of both humans and equines, I am passionate about what we do.

As an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, I specialise in chronic pain relief, especially post injury or surgery recovery.  I have a strong interest in rehabilitation and biomechanics after recovering from a knee injury and subsequent surgery myself.  A lifelong horse rider, my clinic has a focus on Equestrians, but this is not exclusive – I can and will treat anyone requiring support for painful conditions or to enhance athletic performance.

As an Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach, I can assess your movement and muscle engagement, and develop a prescriptive exercise programme to enable you to take ownership of your recovery/performance improvement.

I blend in assessments and exercises from the Biomechanics training with massage to give a holistic treatment and bespoke plan for you to take ownership of your pain/performance journey.

I trained with Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton, I have an in depth understanding of the bio-psycho-social model of pain management, anatomy and physiology, common pathologies and a wide range of techniques such as Myofascial Release and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

I am also qualified in Equine Sports Massage and have studied Equine Science at Hartpury College, which helps me understand the effects of different riding techniques and tack on the horse, knowledge expanded by over 800hrs of CPD in equine and rider biomechanics.  

I am an RAF veteran, leaving after 12 years of service as a commissioned Flight Operations Officer.  My role took me all over the world, from Afghanistan to Peru on operations and expeditions, and I had the honour of being the task allocator and planner on The Royal Squadron for 2 years.  I ended my career as an instructor, gaining valuable experience of coaching in the classroom and practical simulator along with gaining my coaching qualification.  

An outdoor person, I am a keen horse rider and competitor in Endurance Riding with my horse.  My dog helps with my fitness by getting me out for regular walks and is often in the clinic, and I attend circuit sessions at my gym several times a week.  I enjoy photography and to relax I love to curl up with a good book whenever I get chance.


I have a vision of delivering holistic support for those in pain in the community and providing performance support for local athletes, especially horse riders, I opened my doors in May 2018.

May 2018



Mind & Body Wellness

Pregnancy Massage

Indian Head Massage



Crystal Healing

Nic is passionate about massage and the many benefits it can bring to the mind, body and soul.  She’s trained in a number of different massage techniques and is also reiki attuned for humans and animals.  As a meditation practitioner and certified crystal therapist, she offers a range of treatments that can help you heal and take better care of yourself.

Growing up in North Wales, she has a deep connection to the natural and animal world and has been drawn to horses from a young age. She loves nothing more than spending time recharging outdoors.

Her career started out in local government, working her way up to senior positions and gaining qualifications in coaching and management.  After the birth of her second child she wanted to incorporate more of a work life balance and embarked on taking her interest in holistic therapy into a new career. 

She now offers a range of holistic massage treatments, reiki for humans and animals, crystal therapy & chakra balancing and meditation.  Her clients include individuals, couples and corporate local businesses who have all felt the benefits of the many treatments she offers.


March 2020



Human - Equine - Canine - Hippotherapy




Person Centred Psychotherapy & Counselling

My name is Chris Nelson and I am a qualified counsellor with a relaxed, non-judgemental approach. 

Trained in the person centred approach, I very much trust and believe in the individual’s innate healing potential.

I have experience in working with traumatised adults, ex-military personnel and young people and I also have a keen interest in personal development.  My practise is client lead, relaxed with a non-judgemental approach.

My specific area of expertise is therapy for depression and anxiety, therapy for childhood trauma, CPTSD and PTSD.





Symbiosis Administrator & Owner of Forever Living Tarporley

Based in Tarporley, I supply Symbiosis with products for the clinic and have a successful business supplying the local community with these beautiful, natural based and well researched products. You can find and join my group on Facebook at or call 07808 292 867.





Forest Holiday Cottages

We run bespoke or standard clinics for riders to attend with their own horse. Or you could just come for a relaxing stay and sample some of the services offered at Symbiosis or with the onsite Bliss Pain Relief.


Contact Me


Be part of the Symbiosis team

The ultimate goal of Symbiosis is to develop a multi-disciplinary team providing clients with an all round support system to manage pain, recover from injury/surgery and optimise athletic performance. In 2022 I am looking to grow this team with the addition of new practitioners on a self employed basis to make best use of the facilities at this thriving clinic. Facilities include:

- 2 private treatment rooms

- Resistance & mobility training area

- Free weights, resistance bands, balance equipment

- Racewood simulator for horse rider support

- Access via the Kelsall Hill team to conference rooms & equestrian facilities

- Onsite Cafe

- Onsite Podiatrist

Get in touch if you are looking for collaborations or to be part of the team

Send me an email with more information about you via the button below.

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