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Symbiosis @ Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre

Super services in a fabulous location

W.F, New client

Rocky and I are catching our breath at the end of a busy 3 weeks since opening our new clinic on the 14th April. Firstly I want to thank returning clients for their continued support despite the last 12 months of upheaval and uncertainty, and secondly welcome all new clients trying Clinical Massage and Biomechanics Coaching for the first time and choosing Symbiosis as the provider of this unique combination of services. It has been a real pleasure being able to help those in pain or seeking to improve their mobility/stability in and out of the saddle; I have enjoyed the discussions and research they generated too!

2020 was such an emotional year for all of us. To retain my sanity, I have studied for 4 formal qualifications, including L4 Biomechanics Coaching (Intrinsic Biomechanics), Gym Exercise Trainer, GP Exercise Referral and Applied Psychology or Equestrian Coaches. I've attended around 800 hours of training through these, the Jing Advanced Massage Mentorship Programme, COVID Safe, Centaur Biomechanics, Ride With Your Mind/Dressage Training TV, Ritter Dressage and Science of Motion. I've also done most of the work at the new clinic myself, so it's not been a quiet year!

I have loved being back at work and putting the skills/knowledge into practice. Being fully booked most days has left little time for reflection, but today I really wanted to express my gratitude for being able to do what I love whilst helping people along their journey, whether that be through pain or with their riding - or often both!

The new clinic is compact, well ventilated, regularly steam cleaned and disinfected, has free parking and lots of other activities to see and do. I am still offering Clinical Massage and Rider Biomechanics, augmented by Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching and Goal Setting/visualisation, using Rocky the Racewood Simulator, a comfortable and relaxing treatment space and a small but vitally equipped gym. I am also offering Biomechanics Coaching on your own horse at your home base or here at Kelsall Hill (subject to additional travel and arena hire costs). You can book here

As an aside - what an amazing facility Phil and Emma Latham have created here! A fantastic international competition venue that has already hosted 2 fabulous shows and an incredible 3* event since opening 3 weeks ago. I'm very much looking forward to working with Jennifer Connell, the resident Podiatrist at Kelsall Hill, shopping with The Regal Fox (dog food/toys/equipment) and Hope Valley Saddlery followed by drinking coffee in Urchin's Kitchen with tremendous views of the indoor and outdoor arenas. Jasmine's Beauty Emporium also works from the clinic on Mondays providing luxurious and skilful beauty services at great prices.

Looking forward to seeing more of you here as 2021 opens up to our new normal!

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