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Adapt and Overcome

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis early this year. Whilst I am improved and officially in remission, it is incurable, I already have some joint damage and related pain, and I simply cannot do as much as I previously could. Sadly this means that I must adapt in order to reduce overheads. I have 3 options that I am investigating and analysing - move to a smaller unit, move to collaborate with another business or move to be mobile in a 7.5t lorry.

I will continue to support you but the location/format will be different. I promise I will not give up.

You can help me make this transition by buying vouchers to use over the next 6 months, September to March. There are 10 available from each category. For a one hour session you save £15 (usually £55, offer £40), 2hrs £20 (£80, offer £60), 3 hours £50 (£150, offer £100) and 4 hours £75 (£195, offer £120). To claim your discount email me at and I will reply with a payment link.

First come first served! I will post a daily countdown ☺️

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